August 13 – 18 saw me back at my second home, this time with AT. After a whole lot of slogging for the first half of the year, to say that I was excited to be even travelling overseas is one hell of an understatement. Now with my unemployed status, I do foresee more liberal trips overseas though.

Bangkok will always have a special place in my heart. It could be that it was the first city I ever travelled to, it could be all the memories that has accumulated since my first trip there. I always felt that Bangkok is one city that is chock full of character, and hidden gems just waiting to be found at every corner. What initially started out as a shopping destination a few years back, has now turned into a whole new experience for me. It was the city that I feel totally comfortable going back alone for, just so that I can experience it like a local (eat like one, dress like one, live like one). This trip was AT’s first one in a long while to a city that she hasn’t been to since she was younger, and without her family members. Of course I was determined to show her the side of Bangkok that I fell in love with.

Reading up on new activities prior to the trip, I found out about this ghost tower situated in Sathorn. Technically speaking, the nearest train station is Saphan Taksin MRT station. You can practically see the abandoned tower looming from a distance. Articles online will give you differing points on whether or not you can even get in, and how. I am going to set it straight for you right now.

Time: 5:30pm

Cost: 500Baht, firm.

How: We got in through an alleyway, there are metal fences along the alleyway. Someone will spot you, and ask if you wanna go in and he will not budge from the price of 500Baht. If you are a risk-taker and you wanna find some way to evade that and somehow sneak in, by all means. But I would NOT recommend it as it’s not just one person manning the entry point, and if you get caught by these people, who’s to say they won’t jack up the price (or even do anything nastier).

Generally, my fears of the building being completely derelict were unfounded. Overall, it’s easy to navigate. The guy will motion to you where you can start, and there are 2 flights of stairs you can alternate between, one of which has a light source at the stairwell up to approximately the 15th storey. The levels that we did stop at to take a break weren’t that much of a difference, so most of the time we were just scaling the stairs in silence (mainly because I was dead beat). After 49 storeys, we finally reached the peak. IT. WAS. WELL. WORTH. IT.

Granted, there was quite a bit of a crowd upstairs, I’m guessing everyone was there to catch the sunset. It was beautiful, you get a 360 view of Bangkok; this sparkling city.. I was just so at peace. Here are some (unedited) photos, just so you can a slight idea what the view is like at the top:

IMG_2183 IMG_2202 IMG_2219 IMG_2227 IMG_2232 IMG_2233 IMG_2235

We stayed up there with a couple of new international friends for a good hour and a half, sharing travel stories and a smoke, before making our way down. The 49 stories down wasn’t as bad as the journey up, the extra company certainly helped. When we hit ground level, we got the news of the bombing, but that’s a story for another time..

Basically, if you’re in Bangkok, I would highly recommend giving this tower a go. We have no idea when it’s gonna get torn down, so if you have been thinking of giving this a whir, DO IT.

The Baos will be uploading vLogs about our adventures in Bangkok,do subscribe to us if you wanna know what we were up to for those fantastic 6 days! Do drop us a comment if you have any questions about the places we were at, or if you do need some recommendations on where/how to go.


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