I don’t know a lot of things. Or rather, I don’t know as much as I would like to think I wish I did. When it comes to deciding exactly what you want to pursue, it’s either you go with what you absolutely love, or what you know you are good at. I don’t love anything enough to learn / practise till I’m good at it. Which definitely isn’t a good thing. And I’m trying to change that. I’m trying to stick to learning one thing, and not be so half-assed all the time. What I do know about myself is that anything that contributes to a beautiful life, I want to pursue. And to me, anything that is real, that is unafraid to express raw emotions, is beautiful. In a world where everything is a facade.. rawness is beauty. Music that is able to portray different perspectives; pictures that convey a certain kind of feeling; films that make you stop and really think about life..

I want to be able to create something that motivates, that encourages thinking, that is able to showcase a different perspective.

Side note, Tame Impala is slaying it with their new album. I hope its not blasphemous if I were to say that I think Currents is the best of all their 3 albums.


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