Social Media.

The dawn of a new age. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. What started out as a digital platform for people to exchange ideas and share information has now turned into a competition of sorts.. It all comes in phases, for example (example only, ctfo) now it’s all #teamcozy #whateverishyperightnow…

Why do you even care?

Everyone seems like a copy of a copy of a copy. Why?

Do you do what you do because you really like the lifestyle, the product, whatever it is..? Or simply because right now that’s what everyone else is going on about?

As you scroll through your platforms, it’s just same shit, just different handles. Well good job! You’re now part of the system! You can do shit that 1 million other people can do!

What makes you, you?

So now everyone else around you is sporting their other half, what do you do? Get someone and flaunt it all over your platforms too? Wow, if that’s your reason for a relationship, that’s just fucking sad and I feel sorry for you.


If you can’t even deal with being alone, what makes you think you’re capable of being with someone else? And caring for them, loving them.. Too many people think love is just love. Liking someone is easy. Having the hots for them, feelings for them, is fucking easy. But really being there for them, that’s a whole other story altogether.

And the problem with this whole situation, what ties it all back together, is the fact that it seems like all these displays of.. affection.. are they even real? Or just so you have something to post on your Instagram?

“I have nothing to post on Instagram, we need to go on photowalks soon..”

Dude, what does that even mean!? Why you forcing shit that ain’t there in the first place?

You’re being pressured that your following on Instagram, the number of ‘likes’ you get per photo, or how popular/well-known you are on Instagram validates your existence, hey you know what?


Seriously, fuck them politics, fuck them competition, you all talk so much shit about being real, but you don’t know shit about being real.

I think I’ve seen enough from an outsider’s point of view, it’s just.. so disgusting.

Getting inspiration from someone with skills is cool. Full-on replicating is not.

Doing something because it genuinely happened is cool. Faking it, is not.

Taking pride in your feed is cool. Being utterly obsessed with it, is so fucking sad.

People these days…


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